Your Millionaire Attitude - Adversity to Success [True Story] Pam Brossman


Published: November 16th 2013

Kindle Edition

156 pages


Your Millionaire Attitude - Adversity to Success [True Story]  by  Pam Brossman

Your Millionaire Attitude - Adversity to Success [True Story] by Pam Brossman
November 16th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 156 pages | ISBN: | 4.22 Mb

Goal Setting & Thinking BiggerPam Brossmans Inspirational True StoryYour Millionaire Attitude Is the true story of how Pam Brossman went from near bankruptcy and losing her million dollar home, back to creating a global business with what she calls her Millionaire Attitude.In this book Pam has included action steps, goal setting tips and strategies to help you re-ignite your own Millionaire Attitude.

The purpose of this book is to help you combat any adversity you may be facing in your own life right now and get yourself back on track.AttitudeLife and Success is an attitude! Let me help you to activate Your Millionaire Attitude by motivating you to take action and start getting results.

No one is going to do it for you. You have to decide if you are a quitter or if you are going to get back out there and just DO IT!I Believe You Can Do It!Pam shares how she just about lost everything through a simple but very costly decision. And how through pure determination, she manages to get it all back and more to live the dream life she was born to live.Is this the Life You Want to Live?Pam did what most people do when faced with severe failure. She retreated within herself and started doubting her abilities to get back out there and have another go.

Instead she chose to accept the hand she had been dealt, hide away from her successful past and continue to exist day by day while going deeper and deeper into depression.But it was for the love of her only son Hunter, and the determination for him not to go through life believing his mother to be a quitter and a failure, that Pam finally found the strength she needed to get her Millionaire Attitude back.Dont let Set-backs Stop You Living the DreamAfter sudden tragedy rocked Pam’s family, she decided enough was enough and kicked herself back into gear to get back to the top where she belonged.What you will learn through Pams story is that you are going to fall down many times in life.

The only difference is winners get back up and finish what they started!Fail Forward till You Get to the TopIn this book you will find tear jerk moments, motivational stories, Pams real life failures plus the strategies she used to combat her adversity once and for all and come back out on top.Pam did finally reignite her Millionaire Attitude and today lives a million dollar lifestyle with her husband Steve, son Hunter and crazy Groodle dog Duchess.Pam Brossman truly believes that success in life is just an Attitude and she wants to help other women, going through their own personal adversity, get back out there and live the dream.So what are you waiting for....lets get started!To Your Success Pam BrossmanWhen you buy this book it will be just the boost you need to start taking action, setting goals and living the dream.

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